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We take out the pain out of painting!

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Bend Painting Co.

We take out the pain out of painting!
You are visiting this website because you are looking for a better provider for your painting needs. You may have searched and searched everywhere but you just could not find the right partner to work with. We are telling you right now that because you stumbled across our page, you are in the right path!
At Bend Painting Co. we will take care of your painting needs! We are a family of painters and we would like to work with you. We have years of experience so we can assure you that we will do what you ask of us and pour our hearts into every stroke of the brush or the rollers. We use quality paints and we have great eyes for attention to detail so the only thing that you will be left with once we are done painting is a jaw dropping scene. We love painting homes, cabinets, and establishments because we love seeing how you guys are delighted with the results! Just by looking at our past painting jobs, you know that we can deliver and we will exceed your expectations.


Our team can provide the painting services we offer not only in Bend, Oregon but also neighboring areas. Just give us a call and we will see what we can do.


Our company is licensed and insured so you do not have to worry about a single thing. We can answer for damages and you can be confident that we will work and perform our jobs to the best of our capabilities.


Whether you need a team of painters to work on the inside or outside of your home or you are a business owner who wants a re-touching job or a whole new look for your establishment, you can count on us!
Be sure to contact us today for a free quotation of the services you need to get done.

With Bend Painting Co., we take out the pain out of painting!



Are you getting tired of how your walls look and feel? Do you need a brighter color to lighten up the mood in your home? Do you have a specific design, and you cannot turn it into reality? Interior painting is what you need! This kind of painting refers to…


Exterior painting is not as easy as it sounds. You have specific paints that can be used outside but never inside because of all the paint’s chemicals. To avoid the mistake of letting your health and your family be at risk, you should…


If you are thinking of changing your cabinet, you should not buy a new one. You could contact us so we can make your cabinets in your home look new and fresh again. However, if you think that painting your cabinet is easy and would instead do it yourself, you have never been…


Aside from houses, we also do a commercial painting. Commercial painting is something you cannot do yourself because it pertains to large-scale painting jobs. When it comes to commercial painting, we cater to…
With Bend Painting Co., you can choose from the hundreds of colors we have available. We can even mix and match some of the paints for you to achieve the color you are going for.Like what we said, we take the pain out of painting for you so we will make sure you get what you need and want.
We will work closely with you before, during, and after the painting job so make sure you are happy with our work.

We will never leave a job undone and we will always update you and consult with you during the entire process. If you need something done a different way, we can always adjust. Communicate with us and we will do our best to meet you halfway.
Looking for a team of painters need not be expensive. We offer reasonable, competitive, and affordable services. You will be surprised with how amazing our rates are and you even get quality painting jobs. We can even give you a free quotation as you are reading this so you already get an idea of how much our services cost.
Here, you can see our former painting jobs. Browse through the photos (or watch the video) and be ready to get the same results in your home or establishment!
We get the job done because we sit down with you and plan everything out first before doing the painting job. We assess the area that needs to get painted and let you know what we think would be the best things to do. We get your opinion and listen to what you want to get done and reconcile those with what we have in mind. It is the perfect combination for a great process! It is a recipe for success and we have been doing this process for many years now so we remain on top of the painting industry in Bend, Oregon.
Our team knows how much preparation could go a long way. So once we get the details laid out, we start working. We usually pressure wash the areas that need painting first and then we sand it if it is still necessary. After sanding, we use high-quality primers to make sure the new paint will stick. We also check for any missing caulking so we can fill it up before we start the painting process.
We are very meticulous because we really want to take the pain out of painting for you!


or drop by our office at Bend, Oregon so we can start working with you!